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IELTS雅思高分技巧首要關鍵—字彙 依IELTS雅思出題領域分為6大類型

1. 學術教育 2. 社會人文 3. 全球議題 此三大類型為IELTS雅思高頻率字彙範圍

4. 科學自然 5. 商業政治 6. 史地藝術 此三大類型為IELTS雅思核心字彙範圍

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    Three stories, sixty minutes, forty questions
    Question type:
    1. True/False/Not Given,
    2. Matching (headings with paragraph/people),
    3. Fill in blank (1-3 words),
    4. Multiple choice

    You need to be familiar with wide selection of vocabulary in order to achieve ideal results.
    Read the article out loud one time for better comprehension. Next, go through the questions and circle all the keywords. By doing this, it will help you to scan to the right part of the article. Go through the questions and underline the subject, object, and verb in each question. This will help you identify important keywords. Always read the instructions contained in each question carefully. In fill in the blank questions, have to know what the questions ask for: noun, noun phrase, verb, verb phrase, adjective, or adverb. Watch out for grammar errors.


    Section 1:
    Free talk questions: where are from, what is your favorite food etc.
    Section 2:
    You are required to speak about a specific topic for two minutes. You will be given a piece of paper with topic and related questions, you will have one minute to think and write down all the possible ideas.
    Section 3:
    Question and answer session in which he examiner will ask you questions relating to the topic you have spoken about.
    For all speaking questions, remember to: repeat the question when you start, use the full sentences, and add extra information to your basic answer. Never use an adjective by itself. Watch out for the time: don’t be too short or too long of 2 minutes speaking time.


    In the writing section, you have to do 2 essays. The task 1 essay involves a summary of information presented in graphs, picture charts and tables. The task 2 essay will involve standard essay organization (introduction, bodies, and conclusion) on a topic that you have to create your own information about. For the task 1 essay, it is easiest if you write it as a 2 paragraph essay. In the first sentence of paragraph 1, you must provide a thesis that will work for both paragraphs. In the task 2 essay, you are expected to use proper organization: introduction with a thesis, body1, body2…,conclusion. Remember to read the question carefully and give yourself an appropriate amount of time.


    Four sections
    Ten questions each section
    Thirty minutes

    You can only listen to the information once, please make some notes while listening. When you finish listening you will have ten minutes to complete your questions. Question type: 1. Multiple choices, 2. Fill in blank (1-3 words)
    To do well in the listening part, use many of the same tips used in the reading section. When you hear an answer, wait 1-3 seconds before you fill it in. When the sample starts, be ready to write now. Sometimes they will throw out an answer quickly or sometimes they will speak for a long before they give an answer. Listen for pauses or grammar keywords of time (before, after, while, and etc). This will signal that you have new information coming up.